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Lights, Camera, Action! Nelson-Jameson’s leadership team is thrilled to have the company and its employees featured in a digital documentary series called “We Supply America: Leading Change in Distribution’s Future.” The series is in its third season and showcases eight companies operating as a “force for good.”

For Nelson-Jameson, acting as a force for good is nothing new. Father-son team Earl and Ted Nelson, two of the company’s founders and eventual sole owners, set out to create a family-based company culture. Amanda Nelson-Sasse, a fourth-generation owner, says, “Dad (John Nelson) always said that employees were also family. He’d have lunch with them and want to know what was happening in their lives. If they were dealing with any kind of hardship, he’d find a way to help.” Over time, Nelson-Jameson defined its company values as a culture based on honesty, integrity, and kindness, and a commitment to operating in an ethical manner with respect for people, the community, and the environment.

Nelson-Sasse continues this family-focused legacy with her work with the Nelson-Jameson Foundation (NJF). NJF anchors its contributions around three pillars: employees, the community, and the industry. More specifically, the foundation provides scholarships for employees’ families as well as industry students and grants across a range of needs, including community groups and hardship grants for employees. “Our company has had the same ethos for more than 75 years, and the foundation plays a critical role in the way we express and deliver on the Golden Rule culture,” says Sasse.

On the distribution side, Rindy says, “we have a five-year vision that embodies our core values, while bringing in cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that are key for strategic expansion in America and our ability to continue delivering the exceptional.” This is one reason Nelson-Jameson was featured in the We Supply America series – Founder and Executive Producer Dirk Beveridge specifically sought companies that are “leading with humanity.” Rindy notes that the company is focused on putting customers first and supporting employees’ career development. Nelson-Jameson maintains high retention of both customers and employees, while competitors are facing staffing shortages. Both Rindy and Nelson-Sasse attribute the high rate of employee retention to its people-first focus.

Beveridge conceived the idea for the We Supply America series during the pandemic, as he watched long-time customers and colleagues in distribution and supply chain companies face unprecedented challenges. He sought to create a broadcast-quality series to support the industry while also highlighting organizations with exemplary leaders, people-driven cultures, and community-focused operations.
Nelson-Jameson’s We Supply America episode premieres live on LinkedIn on October 5 at 3:00 pm CT using this link. Immediately after the premiere, the film will be available for on-demand viewing at