The past two weeks have found me on the road with a number of  co-workers looking for the “right” software to run our Company.  Web demos have led to site visits, and even more calls from sales reps courting us in hopes of their software being selected as our solution.  What we thought should be an easy decision after the web demos has proven it is not after the site visits.

Choosing the right software is imperative for the sustainability and future growth of Nelson-Jameson.  But, what we have  realized that software is not the only thing we are choosing – we also need to find the right business partner, as they are the ones that will make this easy (or more difficult) once we go into implementation and beyond.

Case in point.  My last blog was about a minor crisis enhanced teamwork in our CSR department.  I do understand things happen, and when they do, I try to look at things in a positive manner.  But, after further problems this past week I’ve changed my tune and am starting to feel that – while the software is a stable and viable force – the technical support and knowledge that we receive from the business partner might be lacking.  Our questions to them have led to more questions, and not a lot of concrete answers.  Which is leading to even more frustration on our part.

So, why I am blogging about business partners today?  From my perspective, I want beleive that Nelson-Jameson is a really great business partner for both our customers and our vendors.  Responsive.  Timely.  Reliable.  It is written into our business model that we will go the extra mile for you, our customer, in order to gain your trust and your business.  While business partners are important, the RIGHT business partner helps you to succeed.