Don’t have enough room for a large incubator to perform bacteria testing?  We have learned there is another option to detect lactic acid bacteria without using gas packs or gas jars. 3M™ has validated a procedure in salad dressings, ready-to-eat meats, ready-to-eat salads and stainless steel surfaces - using Aerobic Count Petrifilm™, double-strength  MRS broth  and Chlorophenol Red as an alternative to the older method,  which requires a modified atmosphere.  Save space, time, labor, materials and clean up, while improving recovery of these troublesome organisms in food and environmental samples.

3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate performance has not been evaluated with all combinations of microbial flora, incubation conditions and food matrixes. Call one of our Technical Sales Specialists at 800-826-8302 for more information about this easy three-step method.