As a product manager I get to deal with many different stages of the product cycle – from the birth of a new product to the death of a line (deadstock) – and everything that comes up in between. Many of the new products I deal with are direct results of customer feedback. If I hear the same request enough times I go to the vendor to see if making something that fits the customers need is realistic. Sometimes my vendors laugh at my request, jump on the opportunity or sit around while I bug them forever.

I’ve been working on some new products and I wanted to give you a glimpse of what is to come.

1.)    Orange knobby mats

2.)    Premium Dual Color Knobby Mat

3.)    Black drain puller/opener

4.)    More orange items!!

As these items become available, I’ll send out more details. But in the mean time if you have any feedback or specific requests, please let me know. It may just be our next new product.

Dakonya Freis - Janitorial & Maintenance Product Manager    [email protected]