TurkeyIt's that time of year again...hard to believe, but the holiday season is upon us. The festivities sure don't feel right without the presence of some favorite holiday foods. From knocking back some eggnog, to mowing down some mashed potatoes, the holidays are a treat for all five senses, especially taste!

The bird that is the word on many American minds during the holidays is, "Turkey." According to University of Illinois Extension's "Turkey for the Holidays," a National Turkey Federation poll found that 88% of Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Freshly roasted out of the oven or cold on a sandwich, Americans keep placing the turkey on the most prominent spot of their table tops during the holiday season.

Though turkeys receive a lot of attention from the American palette during the holiday season, turkeys actually are a food mainstay throughout the year.  That's right, you don't need snow or mistletoe, for that matter, to get the American populace interested in carving out a spot for turkey in their diets. In fact, the average American gobbles up 17.6 pounds of turkey yearly. Though many of us might overdo it during the holidays, thankfully that number is not isolated only to the holiday season: "In 1970, 50 percent of all turkey consumed was during the holidays, now just 29 per cent of all turkey consumed is during the holidays as more turkey is eaten year-round." Not too bad for a "seasonal favorite", right?

If you are about to prep a turkey for this holiday season, or if you find yourself craving some turkey in July, click here for a year-round resource for handling your bird safely.  Happy holidays; let's eat!