A couple points of interest from a recent article, "Of Cheese, Seals and Deming" in Cheese Reporter by Dan Strongin reminded me of my previous experience.  I was buyer for a hospital as well as my past accounting experience with a large dairy processing company.

In one section Mr. Strongin refers to the least expensive ingredient may look like it’s saving you money but you may lose in yield.  We had to watch this closely at the hospital as well, buying the lesser expensive item doesn’t do you much good if the doctors won’t use it or it doesn’t supply the patient with the results expected.  As we state in our new website, we have over 750 suppliers that we buy from.  Thus, we can supply you with a reduction in cost as you are only dealing with one vendor – us.  We do not promise to be the lowest supplier on all items but combining our service, experience and one stop shopping capabilities, you will save money over the long haul.

The final point Mr. Strongin refers to is the keeping of records.  Nelson-Jameson tracks lots and we can again be your go between for manufacturers that struggle in this area.  We will work with the vendors until they meet our and your expectations.  This is becoming more and more prevalent in the food business and rightfully so.  We’ve actually had customers move business from their own warehouses so they didn’t have to pay separate audit fees for their offsite warehouses.  Tracking on ingredients is something we specialize in and should you need assistance we can help.