Now is the time to start thinking about organizing, identifying, and labeling your inventory and storage areas in the New Year. Creating an expected “home” or centralized location for supplies, will allow your team members to quickly find the products they need.

In addition, having well-organized and labeled inventory allows your staff to quickly see products that are missing or need reordering, and creates efficiencies in your inventory management process. Take your organization one step further by including replenishment information clearly printed on labels—including fill to levels, descriptions, units of measure, manufacturer part numbers, and more. This will ensure that reordering information is contained in a universal, visible manner verses critical information being held by a few specific employees.

Our Storeroom Solutions Guide features shelving units, storage bins, labeling systems, and more that will allow your plant to achieve the visibility and clear identification of products for easier reordering, management and fulfillment.

Need assistance streamlining your inventory process?
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