Effectively caring for your cutlery can help maximize its performance and extend its life. Below is a list of our recommendations.

Hand Wash

After each use, carefully wash cutlery by hand with warm water and mild- to medium-strength soap; rinse and thoroughly dry with a soft towel.

Avoid Dishwashers

Knives should NOT be placed in automatic dishwashers. The blade edges can dull from rubbing against each other, and caustic detergents can cause staining and pitting of the blade.

Avoid Soaking

Cutlery should NOT be soaked for long periods or submerged for cleaning. Galvanic action, the transfer of electrons from one metal to another, may occur if cutlery is soaking in aluminum pans or stainless steel sinks, which can cause pitting on the blades.

Avoid Chlorine & Bleach Products

There is a tendency for chlorine and bleach products to discolor and pit stain-free and high-carbon steel. If chlorine or bleach products come in contact with the blade, they should be thoroughly rinsed off immediately.

Store Safely

Store cutlery in a cutlery block or sheath to preserve the cutting edges and prevent personal injury.

Watch the Video

Washing and Storing Knives

Maintaining the optimal performance of your knives is crucial, and the key lies in proper washing and care. Enhance your knowledge by watching this informative video from Mercer Culinary®, which provides valuable insights into the correct methods for knife maintenance. Always exercise mindfulness when handling your knives, adhering to best practices for a prolonged lifespan. Furthermore, when it comes to storage, prioritize safety with knife guards. Ensure a secure and organized space, where the safety of your knives and everyone using them is a top priority!

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