Safety is something that should not be taken lightly, both at work and at home.  As a new, full-time employee I recently received OSHA training which included multiple videos, quizzes and information sessions. This same training is generally repeated yearly for current employees.  Some of the information may seem like general knowledge, but it is important for companies to abide by government regulations and make sure that all employees have the same knowledge base of what to do in emergency situations, as well as every day occurrences. The everyday occurrences part is sometimes over looked by companies and definitely stood out to me during training. I didn’t know that OSHA training also involved information on how to keep yourself safe on an everyday basis, but a good refresher on safety tips within your home is always appreciated. It has been said that most injuries aren’t really accidents, but rather things that happen because people don’t think before they do unsafe acts.

For that reason, our Safety Director; Todd Schreiner, felt that along with the yearly OSHA training, it was important to update and quiz Nelson-Jameson employees throughout the year on “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP).  I thought I was done with quizzes when I graduated from college, but I guess Todd felt differently. Todd created a weekly update of information that he felt was relevant for keeping employees up to date with Nelson-Jameson’s manufacturing practices and distributed it in Nelson-Jameson’s weekly, internal newsletter. Then, on the fifth week, all employees were given a quiz about the information they received during the past few weeks.  Even though it was only five questions, keeping employees on their toes about the companies’ practices is a great way to ensure that safety and good practices don’t get looked over between yearly information sessions.

So, what exactly do internal OSHA and GMP training at Nelson-Jameson have to do with you? Since our staff goes through OSHA training, you can count on us to be knowledgeable enough to steer you in the right direction when it comes to OSHA-related safety items.  And, we have a Safety Director on staff, not only to oversee our facility, but to use his expertise in order to advise - and even help train - outside of our company.  How many other suppliers can give you that kind of help?