FlyNow is the time to do annual maintenance on your insect electrocutor units. Late winter is the perfect time to check your insect units to make sure they are working properly, and to do an annual bulb change.

Here are two common questions to remember before spring insect hatchings happen:

My lamps are lit, why do I need to change them?
A lamp that is still lit may not be doing the job you need it to. Black light (UV) lamps are most effective when new. They lose their ability to attract insects long before they actually burn out. UV light is invisible and while the lamps remain lit the UV producing phosphor only has an effective life of 7000 hours or about 9 months.

When should I change my bulbs?
It is essential to replace lamps at least annually. Most users choose to change their lamps in the spring, which is the beginning of the insect season. Each lamp comes standard with a year/date label for audit compliance, but also to aid in yearly replacement of lamps.

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