In the food industry, proper cleaning is important for assuring a sanitary food processing environment. Taking care of the tools that do the cleaning is also a vital part of the process. Here are some tips for keeping your brushes in good working order.


  • Clean your cleaning tools regularly.
  • Provide adequate storage space and hangers for all tools, at all times.
  • Determine characteristics that employees can look for to identify when it is time to replace tools so they are not the source of additional hazards in a facility.
  • Bend stray bristles back into shape when appropriate, so all bristles may be effective.
  • Replace tools that are badly worn or have significant abrasions which make them difficult to clean and keep clean.


  • Use cleaning tools that are heavily soiled.
  • Use tools that have severe wear or have extremely tangled or bent/flared bristles.
  • Leave tools in caustic chemicals or sanitizers for time periods longer than recommended (using appropriate chemical manufacturer recommended time, temperature and concentrations should not be harmful to tools if selected and used appropriately).
  • Expose tools to temperatures outside of their minimum and maximum - this will extend tool life.
  • Store on the floor; bristles become deformed and will be less effective.

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