Every day, employees are subjected to loud noises at their workplace. It is up to the employer to supply appropriate hearing protection and implement a hearing protection program if noise levels exceed 85 decibels measured with a Time Weighted Average (TWA.)

The hearing protection used will vary greatly depending on the environment, noise levels and personal preference. It is necessary to offer options that all meet your company’s program requirements.

1005602Basic hearing protection can be broken down into three choices: earplugs, semi-aural, and earmuffs.

Earplugs are placed inside the ear canal, and there are two options: Disposable or reusable, and both come in either corded or uncorded versions.

Semi-aural protection is a banded product that can easily be taken off and on. It caps off the ear canal and typically offers a lower protection level than plugs.

Ear muffs are available in many options that involve cushions that fit over the entire ear.

When it comes down to it, it is the employer’s responsibility to supply the hearing protection and your employee’s responsibility to wear it. For more information on Noise Reduction Ratings, see our Learning Center. To view our selection of hearing protection, visit our website.