Trash Can & Liner Guide-1If your liner is too large, and hangs over the side of the trash can, it is wasted money and plastic. A too-small liner will fall into the can.

There are two types of plastics used for trash can liners – linear low density and high density. Both have specific applications where they are more suitable.

Linear low density liners provide an excellent combination of strength, puncture resistance and tear resistance. They are ideal for sharp objects and where transport conditions are tough. ‘Mil’ is the term used to measure linear low liners. Liners typically range from .35 to 4.0 mil.

High density liners are ideal for paper and non-sharp objects under standard conditions. These liners have a low tear resistance, but use less plastic than a high density bag and therefore are more economical. High density bags are measured in ‘microns’. 25.4 microns equals .001”. Liners typically range from 6 to 24 microns.

For complete details, see our Trash Can & Liner Selection Guide.