Feeling hot? Feeling tired of political squabbling? Feeling licked by it all? Here is some refreshing political news for this summer. Back in 1984, a political decision was reached that was duly able to shake up the nation. July is, by presidential decree, National Ice Cream Month!

That’s right...in 1984 then-President Reagan declared that July should be officially designated as “National Ice Cream Month.” Since then, a rare showing of steadfast bipartisan support has remained frozen in place and has kept this federal observance alive and well. In addition, the third Sunday of each July is officially recognized nationally as “National Ice Cream Day.” This year, July 15th will be the big day.

The American passion for ice cream is well documented. Americans do their share to keep the industry afloat. Consumption peaks in July, but Americans make room for ice cream the other eleven months of the year, too. With an average of 20 quarts consumed by each American, it seems that Democrats, Republicans, and everyone else alike have taken President Reagan’s call to celebrate ice cream, “with appropriate ceremonies and activities” quite seriously beyond this one month of marked celebration.

For those 90% of the American population that eat ice cream, consider hoisting a cone or knocking back a turtle sundae in honor of the frozen treat this July and the American penchant for enjoying it. Finally, here is a political move many of us can agree on. Sit back and enjoy a scoop or two of red velvet or blue raspberry, and delight in some momentary political harmony. Let our unified brainfreeze begin.