MP900216058In our area we get a lot of requests for “everything needed to set up a  lab”. Without information about the products being manufactured and specific tests to be run, this question is virtually impossible to answer. Even though meat, cheese and catsup all require accurate pHs each product requires a different combination of meter, electrode, cleaning solutions, buffers and temperature compensation. Of course location of test and capability of analyst have to be taken into account as well.

The same is true for salt, somatic cell counts, butter fat etc. etc. Unlike most of our competitors who sell individual components of tests, we sell test systems. We have this advantage because of our focus as a company on specific markets. This allows us to acquire knowledge necessary to take this approach to marketing products.

The other component of Nelson-Jameson’s success in selling specialty products suited to customer applications, are more basic qualities typical of our employees. These are interest in our customers well being combined with good questioning and listening skills. Without these traits alignment of products with applications would be disastrous failures. In all our interactions with customers from receiving telephone calls, attending our exhibits at trade shows and making sales calls, these skills make the difference between contented customers who keep coming back and quiet phones, closed doors and really boring trade shows.

When starting up a new lab, let us help - call our Technical Sales Staff at 800-826-8302.