Milk Glass

If you have seen "Goodlatte" in the news lately, it might not be in reference to Starbucks. Instead, Reps. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va and David Scott, D-Ga are in the news due to their proposed "Dairy Freedom Act." In response to the Dairy Security Act, the proposed Act, according to the Capital Press, offers margin insurance for "producers to reduce catastrophic losses. But it does so without a milk supply-management element." Numerous manufacturers and retailers have signed on in support of the proposed Act, including the National Grocers Association, the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, in addition to many more.

Despite these endorsements, the Act has also drawn some criticism.   A piece on the PR Newswire explains: "Opponents of supply management believe it would increase domestic prices on dairy products above international prices, make the American dairy industry less competitive and bring more government regulation and intervention into milk markets."  Those opposed to the Act include the National Milk Producers Federation.

As a producer, processor, retailer, etc., you can check in with your respective professional organization(s) for their stance on the debate. Rep. Goodlatte has provided a link to the complete text on his website.  You can access that link here.