This content emphasizes the significance of proper disinfection in the food industry, particularly in food processing equipment, to eliminate pathogens and ensure a hygienic environment. While traditional chemicals have been integral in the cleaning process, Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light has emerged as an effective complementary disinfection method. UV-C light utilizes short wavelengths to rapidly deactivate and eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and viruses. After a thorough standard cleaning, UV-C light is employed to reach into hard-to-reach places, enhancing the effects of traditional cleaning solutions and providing superior sanitation. The content introduces the Aurora UV Disinfecting Device from SMS Technologies as a state-of-the-art UV-C technology for efficient and easy cleaning of food processing equipment. Additionally, the nUVaCleanTM UV Pipette Carousel is highlighted as the first pipette rack that not only organizes and protects pipettes but also destroys over 99% of unwanted contamination using UV-C light, making it a valuable tool in laboratory procedures.

UV-C Disinfecting in The Food Industry

Ensuring proper disinfection of your food processing equipment is paramount in eliminating pathogens from wreaking havoc on your bottom line. Traditional chemicals have been a part of the cleaning process for generations in the food and beverage industry. In recent years, another form of disinfecting has made its way into the fold that works hand in hand with your traditional cleaning program, Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light. UV-C light utilizes short wavelengths of light to deactivate and eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and viruses in a matter of seconds.

UV-C light is able to enhance the effects of traditional cleaning solutions.

After a thorough cleaning using your standard CIP and COP procedures, you are able to illuminate your surfaces with the powerful UV-C light that has been shown to break down the microorganisms that traditional chemicals leave behind by reaching into all of those hard to reach places. Utilizing the perfect one-two-punch of chemicals and UV-C light creates superior sanitation that virtually eliminates all threats of contamination on your food processing equipment.

Even though UV-C is not a substitute for thoroughly cleaning your food processing equipment, using it in conjunction with traditional chemicals in the sanitation process provides you with a vital tool in your toolbox of cleaning supplies.

Ensure you are using the very best in UV-C technology with the Aurora UV Disinfecting Device from SMS Technologies that you can order right here. Thanks to UV-C, the crucial last step in cleaning and sanitizing your food processing equipment has never been easier or more efficient.

UV-C Disinfecting in The Laboratory

Introducing: nUVaCleanTM UV Pipette Carousel
The first and only pipette rack that not only organizes and protects six pipettes, but also destroys greater than 99% of unwanted contamination. Using a germicidal UV-C lamp, a high-efficiency reflector/concentrator completely bathes pipette shafts in 254 nm UV light. This exposure destroys unwanted microbiological contaminants and prevents cross-contamination in PCR and other sensitive procedures.

Just place single-channel pipettes of any range or brand in the carousel and press the “start” button to begin the auto-decon cycle. After 28 minutes this device will power down automatically, delivering up to 6 pipettes that are safe, clean, and ready for use.

Women using Aurora UV Disinfecting DeviceWomen using Aurora UV Disinfecting Device