In March of 2009, Nelson-Jameson opened its new 32,700 square foot facility in Turlock, California.   Over a year later now, it is hard for us to imagine what day-to-day business was like before the facility was up and running!   Much like our home-base in Marshfield, Wisconsin, and our location in Twin Falls, Idaho, Turlock processes thousands of orders, and ships supplies for the food industry all over the United States and abroad.  They are an integral part in Nelson-Jameson’s ability to provide quick and reliable service to our customers.

 We had the chance to catch up with a few Nelson-Jameson employees in Turlock, California, to get an idea of what life has been like in their new facility.  First and foremost, the employees discussed how the new facility was helping NJ do business better for our customers.  According to them, the facility has reduced backorders, made order picking more efficient, and has created a “more proactive” environment.  Employees also mentioned that the new facility offered some useful new features, including a large training/meeting room and a shipping room that kept employees warm in the winter and cool during the summer months. We're happy to hear that things are going so well with the new facility and happy to hear that it has helped us serve our customers more effectively.   Better organized, cleaner, and more efficient, the Turlock facility is a proud representation of the innovation and drive to better meet our customer needs that pushes Nelson-Jameson every day.