Welcome to the world of Ultra Safe Technology (UST), a groundbreaking line of brooms and brushes designed to revolutionize cleanliness in the food and beverage industry. UST goes beyond conventional cleaning tools by incorporating Bristle Security Units directly molded to the brush block, eliminating gaps and seams. Vikan introduces this innovative solution with a clear objective: to create the most secure, safe, and hygienic cleaning tools for food processors. Rigorous testing has ensured functionality, durability, and compliance with HACCP requirements and FDA regulations. Discover how UST enhances bristle security, ensures food safety, improves product quality, and boosts cleaning efficiency. With a commitment to hygiene, UST sets new standards for cleanliness, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and compliant solution in the realm of food processing.

What Is Ultra Safe Technology (UST)?

UST is an innovative line of brooms and brushes that utilizes enhanced Bristle Security Units directly molded to the brush block, effectively removing any gaps or seams while offering unprecedented bristle retention strength.

UST provides food processors the confidence that bacteria and foreign contaminants will not hide in and around the tools—for an outstanding alternative to resin set brush products.

Blue UST hand brush and Vikan LogoBlue UST hand brush and Vikan Logo

Why Was UST Created?

UST is Vikan's latest initiative to create the most secure, safe and hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry. Rigorous testing has proven great functionality, durability, and chemical and thermal resistance.

These UST brooms and brushes are compliant with HACCP requirements and FDA (CFR 21).

Hand holding blue UST scrub brushFeatures & Benefits

  • Enhanced bristle security.
  • No metal staples or resin.
  • High cleaning efficacy.
  • Easy to clean and dry.
  • Easy visual inspection.
  • FDA-compliant.
  • Fully tested and documented.
  • Strong, durable and light construction.
  • Temperature rating: -2° to 250°F/-20°C to 121°C.

What Can Ultra Safe Technology Do For You?

Illustrated brush cleaning a pailIllustrated brush cleaning a pail

Blue ust scrub brush pattern

Ensure Food Safety

UST utilizes Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Audit Scheme Requirements for the hygienic design and maintenance of cleaning tools and utensils.


Equipment should:

  • Be free of crevices and contamination traps.
  • Have a smooth surface finish.
  • Be easy to clean and dry with easy access to all areas.
  • Be easy to disassemble/reassemble.
  • Minimize the risk of foreign bodies.
  • Be temperature and chemical resistant.
Illustrated hand holding an orange scrub brushIllustrated hand holding an orange scrub brush

Improve Product Quality

Unlike traditional brushware, where bristle bundles are drilled and stapled to the brush head, UST bristles are individually molded to the head, reducing the risk of product contamination.

  • It takes 52% more force to loosen a UST bristle than bristles on a traditional brush.
  • If a bristle is pulled from its position, it doesn’t affect the remaining bristles.
  • Bristle fixation is 3x more consistent in UST brushes than in drilled and stapled ones.
Illustrated red push broomIllustrated red push broom

Clean More Efficiently

Each UST brush and broom features a purpose-designed, efficiency-boosting bristle pattern.

  • Hand Brush—Angled and circular arrangement of the Bristle Security Units facilitate a more efficient cleaning when scrubbing and washing in a circular movement.
  • Broom/Deck Scrub—Angled arrangement of the Bristle Security Units enabling more efficient cleaning.
  • Bench Brush—Bristles Security Units are arranged to enable the efficient and effective removal of fine powders and loose debris.
Illustrated safety check list and person with hair net and lab coatIllustrated safety check list and person with hair net and lab coat

Satisfy Factory Auditors

Full approved for food contact.

  • Complies with FDA requirements and all applicable standards in Europe.
  • Each product comes with complete documentation of regulatory compliance for efficient auditing.

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