UWSP at Marshfield receives gift from Nelson-Jameson Foundation

MARSHFIELD, WI - December 4, 2023 | The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Marshfield will benefit from a $10,000 gift from a longtime Marshfield business whose founder had a historic role on campus.

The Nelson-Jameson Foundation presented a check to the UWSP Foundation on Nov. 29. The gift is funding need-based scholarships as well as a special project to celebrate the campus’ 60th anniversary in 2024.

The Nelson-Jameson company and UWSP at Marshfield campus have a founder in common.

“In the 1960s, Earl Nelson, the founder of Nelson-Jameson, recognized the significant impact a UW campus would have on Marshfield’s educational, cultural and economic landscape,” said Amanda Nelson Sasse, vice president of Philanthropy and Social Impact at Nelson-Jameson. “His unwavering dedication led to the realization of this vision. Since then, Nelson-Jameson has fostered a strong connection with the campus, and we take pride in contributing to the future of the campus and its students through this investment.”

“We are extremely grateful to the Nelson-Jameson Foundation,” said UWSP at Marshfield Campus Executive Anthony Andrews. “These scholarships will benefit our students, many who are first-generation.”

Nelson-Jameson has been headquartered in Marshfield for 75 years and supplies food processing supplies to the food, beverage and dairy industries.