Food-Safety-300x300This is a question I am am often asked when I tell people that I work for Nelson-Jameson. My response is usually, we are a wide line supplier to large scale food processors. This often evokes a puzzled look. Their next question is, what is a large scale food processor? It is surprising to me that so many people have no idea that a great deal of the food they consume is processed in large plants that produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of food every day.

As an account manager for Nelson-Jameson, I am privileged to be able to visit many of these large food processing plants to offer them the products we sell. It has been a wonderful education for me to see how the food that I eat is handled before it gets to my table.

This week I am vacationing in California with my brother and his wife. We have made several trips to the grocery store to buy food. I am extremely proud to be able to point at food products in the store and tell them that I call on the plant that makes that food. I personally know the people that put that food in the container on the store shelf.

I am extremely proud that I am able to help customers produce good quality food for our tables and share the knowledge of what we do with those I love and care about.