CheeseShowBooth2014Two weeks prior to the International Cheese Technology Expo I was speaking with a customer  from New Mexico when I asked if they would be making the trip to Wisconsin to attend. I was pretty excited when they confirmed that they would be there.

Its not very often that I see my customers since I work from our headquarters in Wisconsin. This show of all cheese shows is where Nelson-Jameson has the largest opportunity to see their customers. And build on our relationships.

Maybe ICTE should be re-named “Cheese-a-Palooza” because this is where the rock stars of the cheesemaking world meet. Everyone knows everyone; there is a lot of back-slapping, hugging, and congratulating going on. Attendees are cultivating their relationships with their peers.

Nelson-Jameson attends this show with a pretty simplified booth. You don’t see hoses draped over the display or color-coded items pinned up or the M926 running samples. What you do see is information about when the new catalog will be ready; Nelson-Jameson line cards; bottled water to offer our customers; a sitting area for our customers to relax after walking the floor for hours.

We take relationships with our customers seriously and look forward to offering that personal touch or technical service. Nelson-Jameson is more than just a pretty catalog.