One hundred years ago, in October of 1911, seven dairy and milk inspectors met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to form an organization dedicated to improving the safety of the milk supply.   Typhoid fever, Diphtheria, scarlet fever, pneumonia, and tuberculosis were known to be transmitted in raw milk. So the founders met to consider standards and practices to address these “life and death” issues.

The program of the First Annual Meeting, of the International Association of Dairy and Milk Inspectors, also held in Milwaukee in 1912, was devoted largely to reports of the “methods employed and the results obtained in improving the milk supplies” of seven cities: Seattle, Springfield; Massachusetts; Omaha; Topeka; Boston; Detroit and Washington, DC. Thirty five people attended to hear presentations of about 30 papers.

It was during the 1918 Annual Meeting in Chicago that a Committee on the Pasteurization of Milk and Cream was authorized.

 Fast forward to the 2010 meeting of the now International Association of Food Protection held last August in Anaheim California.  It was attended by over 2100 government, industry and regulatory professionals representing over 50 countries.  Over 500 papers were presented!  

In commemoration of the Association’s100 Year Anniversary, the 2011 Annual Meeting will be held, July 31 – August 3, in Milwaukee.  Wisconsin food products will be featured at the flagship event “Taste of Wisconsin” which will be held at the Milwaukee Art Museum located on Lake Michigan,   All products will be manufactured using a fermentation process, which of course includes most cheese varieties, and selected from championship winners.  As Second Vice President of the Wisconsin Affiliate I am involved with local arrangements for the event.  And appreciate the support Nelson-Jameson has offered related to logistics.  Nelson-Jameson will also be recognized in the program and promotional materials as a long time Sustaining Member and sponsor of the IAFP Elmer Marth Educator Award, named after one of my favorite professors at the UW so I am honored to present that at the annual meeting each year and especially this one.

Because Nelson-Jameson is planning a special exhibit for the event we want to get the word out among our customers about the opportunity, right here in Wisconsin, to attend world class seminars on current food industry topics.  And celebrate the important role Wisconsin plays in the, variety, safety and quality of the world’s food supply.  We hope to see you there.