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Delvotest® Troubleshooting Guide for Dairy Farm Applications

Delvotest ®  antibiotic residue tests from DSM are easy to use and provide reliable results. Below are some common troubleshooting questions.

Has your Delvotest ®  expired?

Please check the expiration date on your Delvotest® test kit . If it has passed its expiration date, the test may give inaccurate results. Please discard the old test kit and use a new one.

Have you verified the temperature of your incubator?

The temperature of your Delvotest® incubator must be 64°C +/- 2°C to produce accurate results. Using a digital or spirit filled stick thermometer , verify that your incubator is heating to the correct temperature. The small holes in the middle of the block are made for this. If temperature is off, adjust accordingly.

Have you put in the correct amount of milk?

Your Delvotest ®  requires that a specific amount of milk be added to the test medium accurate results. Using a fresh disposable pipette, add the milk into the pipette by squeezing the smaller upper bulb once, hold it, dip the pipette tip about 1 cm into the milk sample. Release pressure on the bulb and the pipette stem will fill itself with the appropriate volume (0.1 mL) of milk.

Has your test kit been exposed to extreme temperature conditions?

Delvotest ®  must be stored where it is protected from extreme heat and freezing conditions. Exposure to extreme heat shortens the expiration date of the test. Freezing ruins the test and you will get all positive results. If your test kit has been exposed to extreme temperatures or frozen, please discard and use a new test kit. Be sure to store your test kits in a refrigerator and not in the same area as antibiotics.

Have you allowed for the correct amount of time to produce results?

Delvotest® requires a specific amount of time in the incubator to achieve accurate results. Delvotest® SP-NT should be incubated at 64 ± 2 ° C for 3 hours, and Delvotest T should be in the incubator for 3 hours and 15 minutes before reading results. It is best to set a timer , to ensure results are accurate and reliable.

For all other questions or concerns about your Delvotest ®  results,
please  contact us  and we will be happy to assist you.

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