For everyone in the dairy value chain, the thought of milk contamination is simply unthinkable.

We know that for farmers and their families, competition is tough and professionalization of farming is essential for you to survive and succeed.

Ultimately, healthy products equal healthy profits. This is where the Delvotest can help ensure that any antibiotics given in the herd don't appear in the milk sold.

The Delvotest is a proven, highly respected antibiotic residue testing kit that provides the global dairy value chain (including farmers, dairies and milk control labs) with peace of mind for a relatively modest investment.

This solution can detect all major antibiotic residues and is suitable for all kinds of milk including cow, sheep, goat and even buffalo. The kit itself comes in different sizes: So for dairies and milk control labs we offer larger testing kits, while for farmers we provide a smaller pack with an easy-to-use tray.

Increasingly, we are seeing tightening legislation around the world with respect to antibiotic residues.

Delvotest covers the complete spectrum of antibiotic residues, providing a true helping hand for farmers. The testing kit is also easy-to-use with minimal wastage.

No matter where you stand in the milk industry, when you buy into Delvotest you buy into over 30 years' experience and expertise in the milk testing industry.

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