Delvo®Cid+ represents a breakthrough in natamycin technology, effectively eliminating the risk of yeast and mold growth
in dairy and meat products, in the fastest time possible.

Delvo®Cid+ Advantages:

Faster Solubility

Natamycin is active against yeasts and molds only when dissolved. In water, natamycin has a low solubility of approximately 40 ppm. Above these concentrations natamycin is present in crystal form. Delvo®Cid+ crystals achieve
the maximum natamycin concentration in water far more rapidly. By speeding up the dissolving process, liquid products can be protected in minutes rather than hours. So, from the moment Delvo®Cid+ is added, the defense action begins—
a reassuring benefit for all.

Improved Suspension

Delvo®Cid+ shows negligible sedimentation rates. The natamycin crystals remain active where needed, offering enhanced protection. In contrast, the crystals in standard natamycin suspensions sink to the bottom, and are therefore not present where the protection is needed. Using Delvo®Cid+ prolongs the suspension of natamycin from hours to days.

Highly Convenient

A flexible, safe and easy to use product, Delvo®Cid+ is available in a standard 4% concentration or can be tailor made to your specific needs. It is ready to use and gives a reduced risk of application errors.

Cost Efficient

High solubility speed provides immediate action, and negligible sedimentation means Delvo®Cid+ is present where it is needed. Therefore, a smaller amount will provide the required protection—allowing you to achieve guaranteed quality for less.

Delvo®Cid+ in Application:

A low-dosage product, Delvo®Cid+ is simple to use and suitable for both spray and dipping applications.

Defense for Cheese Ripening

Delvo®Cid+ is suitable for a range of dairy applications. Its rapid solubility makes Delvo®Cid+ particularly suitable for cheese with a high contamination risk—providing an immediate safeguard compared to the long solubility time required by traditional natamycin products.

Brine Bath

In brine baths, the solubility of standard natamycin is impaired, because of the high salt levels. Therefore it can not provide the full protection required.
With Delvo®Cid+, the maximum dissolved concentration is reached much faster, offering optimal functionality and a guarantee of total defense against
yeast and mold.

Sausage Casings

In addition, Delvo®Cid+ is highly effective for soaking sausage casings, which takes time. Standard natamycin is again less effective here because its sedimentation prevents optimal use. With the superior suspension of Delvo®Cid+, the effect of the natamycin is optimized.