Selecting footwear with the correct outsole design is one of the first steps to help prevent slips and falls in the workplace. The type of flooring as well as the contaminants on the floor need to be taken into consideration when thinking about slip resistance. Where water or liquid contaminants are present, a boot with a less aggressive tread with greater amount of surface contact may be a better option, while a floor that has debris present will require a more aggressive tread pattern to be able to cut through the debris and make contact with the floor. Below is a brief description of the different outsole patterns available. 

Neo-Grip™ Outsole:

The design is engineered to act as suction cups to improve slip resistance and provide confidence while walking on wet surfaces. Neo-Grip outsoles are not recommended on surfaces with debris that can build up, clog the tread and cause slipping hazards.

TDT™ Outsole:

Features an advanced outsole tread system with an aggressive tread along the perimeter of the outsole. Coupled with a highly slip resistant tread along the mid-foot and heel—this outsole provides maximum surface area contact, and helps to prevent hydroplaning. TDT uses proprietary formulations for increased resistance to degradation from many harsh chemicals.

Cleated Outsole:

Features large openings between the cleats to help dig through debris and spit it out for self-cleaning action with every step. Offers superior slip resistance on wet-clean and wetcontaminated surfaces.

Chevron Outsole:

Having more edges than a cleated outsole, Chevron has enhanced slip resistance and is ideal for indoor applications where there is a limited amount of debris.

Chevron-Plus® Outsole:

Takes the traditional Chevron to a high level of performance with improved slip resistance by maximizing the number of edges and ground contacting surfaces. Features more cleat material than either the Cleated or Chevron for longer boot life. Excellent on wet-contaminated and wet-clean surfaces.

Safety-Loc Outsole:

Designed for use in environments with slippery, wet-clean surfaces. This pattern maximizes the number of edges and surface area for outstanding slip resistance. It is not recommended for use on wet-contaminated surfaces, and the myriad of small spaces between the cleat will clog causing a loss in slip resistance.

Sure-Grip Outsole:

Offers excellent abrasion and slip resistance on wet-contaminated and wet-clean surfaces. Open cleats spit out debris when walking making Sure-Grip outsoles self-cleaning.

Multi-Grip Outsole:

Offers excellent grip with a design that offers the best protection in semisolid contaminated areas. The energy absorbing heel design offers extra ergonomic support.

V-Wave™ Outsole:

The "V" pattern of the V-Wave outsole features a self-cleaning, wide pattern tread with open side wall channels to allow liquids and debris to be squeegeed out with each step taken. Offers the best traction for areas with heavy debris in the food processing environment.

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