Nelson-Jameson is your source for wheels and casters commonly found in the food industry. Not sure what you need? Call our material handling specialists, they will work with you to get you a hurry!

Selecting Wheel Material

Performa Rubber: Feature a non-marking thermoplastic elastomer tread bonded to a polyolefin wheel core.
Wheels roll easily and quietly with a cushioned ride. Very durable.

Duralastomer Polyurethane: Solid blue cast polyurethane elastomer one piece design eliminates bonding failures—the most durable polyurethane wheel.

Glass Filled Nylon: Has the same load capacity of steel. High impact strength, good abrasion and compression resistance, will not flat spot. 100% washable and steam cleanable; not affected by grease, oils, most cleaning chemicals and cleaning solutions, salt, and brine.

Very light, yet feature superior impact strength. Resist most chemicals. Non-marking floor protection.

Filled with macerated fabric. Quieter than steel or aluminum. Provide superior floor protection. Resistant to hard impacts, most chemicals and steam.

HiTech Polyurethane:
Treads are mechanically locked to a polyolefin core to prevent debonding. Resist most chemicals. Non-marking and very durable.

Selecting Casters

Stainless Steel: Built to handle the most punishing, corrosive food processing environments. All components made of stainless steel. Easy rolling bearings, non-corrosive and virtually maintenance-free. Load capacities range from 200 to 900 pounds per caster with a choice of three wheel types. Available in swivel and rigid designs.

Standard Duty:
Able to handle up to 900 pounds per caster. Available in swivel and rigid designs. Features include: Zinc-plated finish, double hardened raceways, 1/4" axle with zerk grease fitting, 1/4" steel top plate, permanent rivet king construction with 5/8" diameter rivet. Up to nine different wheel types.

General Utility:
Ideal for many medium-duty applications. Rated for loads up to 250-lbs per caster and available in swivel or rigid designs. Features include: zinc-plated finish, double ball hardened raceways and 3/8" axle.