Meet regulatory requirements with accurate temperature readings

Accurate and reliable temperature monitoring is a crucial aspect for the food and dairy industries. Now more than ever, regulatory compliance is of the utmost importance, and having the exact thermometer for your intended application will be the key to success and accountability.

With a variety of monitoring options available, temperature instrumentation is more flexible today than ever before.
With that in mind, Nelson-Jameson has developed a Temperature Monitoring Program, featuring products and information to help you meet regulatory requirements with accurate temperature readings in any application.

Below you will find everything from dial and digital thermometers to chart recorders and data loggers to help ensure your food stays safe.

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Certified Reference Thermometers

Used in verification and certification procedures to comply with regulatory agencies, in which extremely critical temperature readings are necessary. They are used when the specifications of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) need to be met, or when the calibration of your routinely used thermometers is required. These thermometers are certified against NIST standards, and come with spirit-filled and digital options.

Dial Thermometers

Popular throughout the food and dairy industry, dial thermometers are designed to withstand tough treatment and difficult environments while providing superb accuracy and reliability. These thermometers can be used for temperature monitoring in solids, liquids, and gases.

Digital Thermometers

Ideal for the verification of critical temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators, block heaters, and ovens. These thermometers come with min/max temperature memory features and audible alarm settings. Available with a 30 mL or 60 mL plastic bottle with options of a glass spirit-filled or digital display thermometer.

Spirit-Filled Thermometers

Used in quality control applications throughout the laboratory, or the food manufacturing process, or in areas such as refrigerators, freezers, incubators, walk-in coolers, block heaters, ovens. Comes with a certificate of accuracy that is good for one year, and will need to be recertified in-house against the laboratories certified reference thermometer.

Infrared Thermometers

Using an infrared thermometer (IR) is the safest way to measure surface temperatures of hot, hard-to-reach, electronically energized, or moving objects instantaneously. They are widely used throughout many industries and work environments. Accuracy of handheld IR thermometers is primarily determined by the distance-to-spot ratio (D/S Ratio).

Mercury Thermometers

Useful in many applications, including chemical experiments, water and acid baths, ovens, incubators, and autoclaves. After recording the highest temperature reached, the mercury must be shaken down before next use.
Be aware of mercury regulations in your state. Check with your appropriate regulatory authority prior to ordering.


Nelson-Jameson offers calibration products and 3rd party services on temperature monitoring devices upon request. Contact us today to schedule a service order.

Chart Recorders/Data Loggers

Chart Recorders

Designed to record data such as temperature, pressure, and pH level changes. Suited for applications such as pasteurization in HTST, UHT, Aseptic ranges, CIP, COP, and many others. Monitoring your products throughout your process is vital to maintaining safety and quality needs. Today, you are able to digitize your record keeping by storing your information on devices such as computers.

Data Loggers

Monitor and record your data over a period of time. Data loggers are digital devices that are able to store various readings such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and pH levels in its very own database. These recording devices are traditionally battery operated which allows you to track your products from virtually anywhere without having to carry a computer with you to view your data.