Why use the unfiltered black light (BL) and filtered black light blue (BLB) combination?

This exclusive BL and BLB combination ensures the highest level of flying insect attraction. Pairing a bright, unfiltered bulb with a filtered blue bulb reduces the visible light that can act as a repellent and maximizes the amount of insect types attracted to the unit. BLB bulbs were tested and found to have an increased attraction from agricultural insects and pests.

My bulbs are lit, why do I need to change them?

A bulb that is still lit may not be doing the job you need it to. Black light (UV) bulbs are most effective when new. They lose their ability to attract insects long before they actually burn out. UV light is invisible and while the bulbs remain lit the UV producing phosphor only has an effective life of 7000 hours or about 9 months.

When should I change my bulbs?

It is essential to replace bulbs at least annually. Most users choose to change their bulbs in the Spring, which is the beginning of the insect season. Each bulb comes standard with a year/date label for audit compliance, but also to aid in yearly replacement of bulbs.

What are Shat-R-Shield bulbs and why upgrade?

Shat-R-Shield developed a fluorescent bulb with a specially formulated coating for black lights. This unique safety coating allows the critical UV wavelengths to penetrate and attract flying insects while special UV stabilizers prevent degradation. In case of accidental breakage, the coating will contain all glass shards. Safety coated bulbs are required to be used in areas with open or exposed food-grade product per FDA Food Code Sections 6-202.11; USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, Chapter 5, Section 1. Safety coated bulbs also protect the employee if a bulb should break during usage or when changing bulbs.

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