Annatto extract is a carotenoid color extracted from the coatings of seeds from the tropical achiote shrub and can be either oil-soluble (bixin) or water-soluble (norbixin). It ranges from yellow to red-orange in hue depending on the application and dosage rate, and is a staple in the food and beverage industry. Annatto is stable, economical, and comes in a wide variety of forms, making it appropriate for use in almost any application. Available as powders and liquids, in both water soluble and oil soluble formulations along with Certified Organic liquid.

Other colors from natural sources like fruits, vegetables and seeds result in beautiful natural colors that meet the needs of consumers and manufacturers alike. Consumer interest in healthier products is shifting towards more natural ingredients. To meet the demand for safe and sustainable food, Nelson-Jameson can offer options for your color application.

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