As I hand out new catalogs every year to Nelson-Jameson employees, I affectionately refer to them as my “catalog babies”. This year was my third catalog baby and boy was it healthy! It is bigger and fatter than any of my previous “babies” with 40 extra pages of products! And just like with any other “baby” it takes a village to “raise” it. 

People might not realize, but it takes 16 NJ employees (2 marketing support, 10 product managers, and 4 product administrators) about 6 months to create the Nelson-Jameson Buyers Guide. We go through every product with a fine-tooth comb to ensure accurate, helpful descriptions, images and product tips. Product managers work all year with our vendors to add innovative new products to our lines. While I sometimes find myself shaking a fist at my computer screen late into the night during catalog season, I am always happy with the end product. We put a lot of work into creating a catalog that is easy for our customers to use and helps them get their jobs done better. That is why we are here, not just to provide products, but to be a resource for our customers. So, hopefully you have received your new 2010-2011 Buyers Guide. And, if you have, take a minute to flip through it and see all of the new items we have to offer.  We hope you like it!